Lead company in evangelization, marketing, and distributing Motion Capture technologies for entertainment, engineering, and life sciences in Latin America. With more than 50 universities and animation studios, we are the biggest network of clients, partners, and distribution in Mexico, Colombia, Brasil, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, and Republica Dominicana.

Our marketing strategies, business development, and philosophy helped us to penetrate great brands as Vicon, Faceware, Vanishing Point, AMTI, Delsys. Thanks to the help of communication, social media, local and remote live demos, we built a market in Spanish-speaking countries with a strategically and precise network of sales, evangelization, and community construction.


HCG was founded in 2014 by Carlos Vilchis, Hans Guevara and Gerardo Corona, who were looking to offer Motion Capture services professionally for the first time in Mexico. When contacted by the English company Vicon Systems, they started representing the brand for the entertainment industry in the same year.

In 2015 they began to have their first customers in Colombia. In the same way they open the Life Sciences division for Mexico, integrating a team of experts to offer more concrete solutions in Motion Capture in a specialized way.

In 2016 they began the research and development of a photogrammetry system applied to digital doubles processes, which they launched as a product for sale in 2017, becoming the first company in Latin America to have a system with these features and with public service.

HCG opens its first subsidiary in Colombia, as a result of the needs of different customers in South America, a region in which they obtain the exclusive distribution for Motion Capture in the entertainment industry, having already a market that covers Peru, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil and Costa Rica.



HCG is based on providing intelligent solutions to specific problems requiring specific technological needs and an excellent adaptation with methods that will facilitate your work, we have experts in each of the specialties, and we have recognized thanks to the great work we do every day.


Our vision is always to offer a reliable service that minimizes the technological gap between the most advanced graphics and entertainment technologies to support companies in Mexico and Latin America that require unique, specialized, and expert attention in the area.

Meet the team

Carlos Vilchis

co-founder & cto

Motion Capture Academic Business Developer & Product Manager / PhD Student Digital Humans 

Hans Guevara

co-founder & ceo

Interactive Technologies Enginner / With more than 11 years of experience in the world of entertainment technology

Maria J. Valerio

administrative director


Chief Operating Officer

Edwin Cardona

mkt manager

Natali Sánchez

administrative assistant


technical support

Mara Bañuelos

graphic Designer

Ana serrano


Carlitos Soriano

MOCAP specialist


Product Specialist and Support