Vanishing Point can provide custom solutions for your project, or offer virtual production consulting. VP have years of experience in visual effects, motion capture and virtual production, and they have contributed to some of the largest film projects of the past decade, in previsualisation, on-location and in post production. VP are highly skilled in motion capture, tracking systems, computer vision systems, real time technology and software design, as well as shoot planning and execution. VP can help you make your project happen, and always welcome the opportunity to push real time technology forward.
virtual production


Vector is a unique virtual production toolkit, bringing real-time camera tracking, live compositing, fiducial marker tracking, environment scanning, human position tracking and lens calibration to studios of any size.

Vector lite

Built on the backbone of our industry proven Vector toolkit, Vector Lite is a plug and play virtual production system for real-time camera tracking and live compositing, created to be accessible and simple to use.

virtual production


Vanishing Point Viper is an easy to use solution to stream zoom or focal data from your camera into your virtual production projects. Compatible with any lens, it includes a high resolution encoder, a lightweight software application, an Unreal Engine LiveLink plugin and example files to get you up and running instantly.

calibrate x

Calculate lens intrinsics and distortion parameters easily with Calibrate X. The software runs live from a Blackmagic Decklink card or USB camera, or offline from a pre-recorded video file or image directory.