Faceware is the most innovative and experienced facial motion capture technology provider in the world. They believe the greatest facial animation comes from the combination of cutting-edge technology and an intuitive artist-friendly workflow. Faceware’s hardware and software represent complete solutions for the interactive entertainment, film, video game, television, and commercial markets

mocap cameras

Mark IV Wireless Headcam System

Every component of the Mark IV is engineered to ensure the highest quality, the most reliability, and the greatest comfort. When capturing the face of your talent, the Mark IV is the tool you need to get the best performance possible

Indie Headcam System

 With Indie Headcam you can use GoPro Cameras with on-screen touch display for easy integration and adoption. One-size-fits-all helmet lightweight, breathable, and comfortable for extended use, and you can control your headcam remotely with the free GoPro App

mocap software

Faceware real-time and non-real-time markerless facial mocap software helps professional animators accurately capture an actor’s facial performance, and transform it into believable facial animation quickly and cost-effectively. 

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Real-Time Facial Animation Software


Professional Facial Tracking Software


Facial Animation and Solving Software


The Facial Motion Capture Command Center