Lead company in evangelization, marketing, and distributing Motion capture technologies for entertainment, engineering, and life sciences in Latin America

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logistic & distribution

Experience in supply chain and local custom distribution for Motion Capture systems and VFX technology in all of south America's region.

Technological services

Supervision of Motion Capture sessions. Production planning for motion capture script. The shooting of Motion Capture sessions by third parties. Integration of Demo with 360° technologies like Game Engines or Animation Softwares.


Development of specialized tools and models for Motion Capture. Knowledge transfer, pipeline development, and specialized training in multi-camera products for photogrammetry and bullet time.

Digital / Traditional Marketing Strategies

Design, develop, and management of evangelization programs. Local roadshows, demos, webinars, training, and content for Youtube, Facebook, etc.

Consultancy & Educational services

Design and development of workflows for animated productions requiring Motion Capture. Design of academic plans and educational grids for Universities oriented to our products. Training, certification and development of adoption campaigns.

captura de movimiento


At HCG we understand the needs, timelines, budgets and projects of clients in Latin America and we care about satisfying your needs and those of your company or institution in order to help you solve specific problems. 

The added value of our products is in our services. The experience and mastery of our tools allow us to provide tailor-made solutions for each of our clients. The consulting services we provide are focused on Motion Capture, Photogrammetry and Virtual Production, we are constantly updating ourselves to be up to date with the latest tools related to Motion Capture, so our goal is that our consulting services improve and optimize your workflow.


HCG is a company committed to all clients who do not yet have the expertise and mastery of the tools, workflows, implementations and development of projects with Mocap, our job is to help in every possible aspect from the birth of the idea, to the final execution of the project without this meaning to modify the plans of the production, but simply adapt the tool and workflows of Motion Capture to the production environment in Latin America.

If you require a demonstration of our wide variety of services, send us a message and we will be happy to contact you

captura de movimiento
captura de movimiento


At HCG we believe that customized solutions for professionals focused on the Life Sciences area by integrating a professional service and with the best technology in the market, for that reason we have designed a new line of products and solutions through our subsidiary Adrestea in order to execute and develop a wide variety of projects and applications related to biomechanics, gait analysis, clinical, sports, rehabilitation and veterinary. If you need information about Adrestea’s services visit our specialized website